Billing & Payment

At Mint Kids Dentistry, we pride ourselves on billing that is clear and reasonable. We discuss treatment with you in advance so that you always know what work is being done and what you can expect it to cost. Of course, there can be unexpected discoveries during a procedure which affect cost, but in general we work to meet your expectations and avoid surprises.

Working with insurance companies can be complex and, sometimes, confusing. Insurance rarely covers 100% of a procedure and the percentage covered can vary widely depending on the procedure and the policy. We will submit claims on your behalf and we will do our best to tell you what portion you can expect insurance to cover, with the understanding that you are ultimately responsible for payment.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and personal checks.

Payment is due when services are provided. In the event of extensive or on-going procedures, talk to us about establishing a payment plan

Cancellation Policy

Your time is important and so starting appointments on-time and working efficiently toward our desired result is always our intention.  We can only maintain the on-time schedule with your help.  Please arrive to our office with a few spare minutes to check-in, use the bathroom or simply play in the waiting room.  We reserve enough time for your family and commit to spending the entire time with you!  Please respect the time we set aside for all our patients. 

If you have to cancel or change your appointment, we ask for a minimum of 24 hours advance notice FROM YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME so that we can give your space to another patient.