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Keeping your child’s teeth and gums healthy is a year-round job. Yet during winter, dental health and safety for kids signifies having the right balance between the necessary things for mouth care and the fun of a snowy weather. Hot treats, drier air, winter activities and more can put your teeth at risk for damage.

Below are some ways to maintain your kids’ teeth and gums health and happy throughout the winter season.

Protect their Teeth

If your child loves to do winter sports or enjoy the ski slopes, it is necessary to wear some protection from injuries. Physical damage during sports contribute to 10 to 39 percent of dental injuries in children, based on the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Having your kids’ wear face mask or mouthguard when playing winter sport will lessen the risk of dental injury. There are mouthguard available in the drugstore or have your child meet a dentist for custom fitting.

Keep Your Child Hydrated

If your child spends more time playing a winter sport, they put their health at risk of becoming dehydrated. Kids are more susceptible to dehydration than adults since they weight loss and often times, they are not as able to distinguish thirst. He might also be dehydrated if he’s suffering a terrible flu or cold.

To ensure your child’s health and safety, it is best to drink lots of water during winter. If possible, have him drink fluoridated water as it can help protect their teeth from cavities and decay.

Watch Out for Sugary Drinks

When your child is suffering from sore throat or cough, it is not surprising to use cough drop for relief. Many kids drink juice to battle a cold or have a cup of hot cocoa after doing winter play. But cough drops, hot cocoa and fruit juice can have a bad effect on your child’s teeth since they tend to contain plenty of sugar, leading to decay and cavities.

To avoid consumption of too much sugar, give your child sugar-free cough drops. Water will always be the best substitute for juice when you are sick. As for the hot cocoa, try using dark chocolate and real milk, as these contains less sugar.

Encourage Proper Dental Habits

To protect your kid’s dental health in the winter, it is important to keep proper dental habits. Brush two times a day and floss once a day even when your child has cold or flu. His immune system needs all the help it can have to fight cold or flu virus. To encourage your little ones who are sick to brush their teeth, try using a flavoured toothpaste that comes with satisfying flavors like watermelon and strawberry.

When it comes to protecting your child’s health during winter, it’s more than just ensuring they stay warm and free from flu. It also means keeping an eye on your child’s dental health and doing some measures to protect their teeth and gums.