Most parents are very good in providing their children dental care at home. We write notes on dental appointments, limit intake of sugary foods like candies and make reminder charts to remind them to brush and floss. But most children spend most of their waking hours away from home, from their mom and dad.

Below are some simple means in which to encourage proper dental hygiene of children while at school.

Employ changes in their snack

Most schools nowadays have snack counters and vending machines that are available to school children during snack time, lunch and after school. Because of this, your kids have access to candies, soda, ice cream, chips and other unhealthy foods every single day. Do some changes on their snack selection by providing healthier options such as orange slices, apple, bottled water and string cheese. This will help your child’s general health, particularly dental health.  

Create a healthy lunch

It’s good for your child to send him off with a lunch full of healthy foods that can help strengthen the teeth. Cheese and yogurt are rich in calcium, which is great for strong bones and teeth. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins are good for promoting healthy mouth. Crunchy food such as celery, apples and carrots can help remove plaque.

Protest sugary beverages

You can petition to get sugary beverages such as soda be removed from school vending machines. Aside from coating your child’s teeth with sugar to feed on bacteria, these sugary drinks can also cause staining of the teeth. Milk and bottled water are good options for bright, healthy smile.

Encourage brushing

Tooth brushing and flossing should not only be done at home. To encourage brushing, you can talk to your child’s teacher on allotting time for the entire class to brush their teeth after taking their lunch. You can also ask your local dentists to donate brushes, floss, mouthwash and toothpaste and talk in front of the class to raise awareness on the significance of proper dental care.

See the Emergency Contact Information

Don’t forget to check the school’s contact information regarding the record of their school dentist. Make sure they are up-to-date just in case a dental emergency happens during the day.

Children’s dental care is very important regardless on their whereabouts. Teach them the benefits of taking care of their teeth and mouth while they’re away from home to ensure that all your efforts are not being wasted when the kids are at school or away from you.