At Mint Kids Dentistry by Dr. Soo Jun, we know how important dental hygiene is for kids.

Do you find it hard to encourage your kids to brush his/her teeth before school? Young kids do not understand the importance of dental hygiene or overall dental health. For parents, dental hygiene for kids should not concentrate on the nuts and bolts of dental care. Your child may be too young to understand how plaque forms. Instead, create a fun and enjoyable experience of mouth care in the family.


Buy a special brush and toothpaste

minnie mouse brush and paste.jpg

One way to ignite your child’s interest is to buy a colourful, fun toothbrush. Replace an old toothbrush with new, fun brush with colourful, soft bristles or one that is adorned with your child’s favourite cartoon character.

Aside from the toothbrush, you can also buy a special toothpaste to go along with it. Your toddler may not be running to the bathroom to use your hot, minty toothpaste. But he can feel excitement cleaning his teeth using a watermelon or gum-flavored toothpaste packaged in his favourite cartoon character.


Do it together

Another way to make mouth care fun for kids is to do it together. Make your child interested by brushing and flossing together. Kids love to copy what their parents do. Guide your son or daughter with the proper way of brushing, including tongue brushing. After you brush, floss your child’s teeth or help them if they’re old enough to do it by themselves. Make routine brushing exciting and fun by singing a fun song or a rhyme about keeping the teeth clean.


Keep track of time

The American Dental Association recommends brushing for only two minutes, two times a day. To make sure your child brushes only for that time period, use a two-minute sand time. Simply flip it over and start brushing. 

Another way is to use mobile apps like the Disney Magic Timer that is available in App Store for free. This app features 23 characters from Marvel, Star Wars and Disney. By using this app, it will bring more fun to daily brushing routine, encouraging kids to brush longer.


Play a fun video

Look for some fun video on dental hygiene for kids. Videos and stories designed for kids are effective teaching materials for kids on how to take good care of their teeth and of making mouth care something they can relate to.


Create a reward system

Make flossing and brushing more enjoyable by making your own gold star reward system. You and your son or daughter can make a poster and decorate it with toothbrushes, teeth, oral health themes and healthy snacks to represent the days of the month. Then, every time they brush their teeth, give your child a gold star sticker to put on the poster.


Pediatric dental visits

Regular check-up is a very important aspect in keeping good dental hygiene for kids. Visit your child’s pediatric dentist every six months to help maintain your child’s sparkling smile. Make every dentist appointment fun by heading to the park for a picnic after the visit.