For adults, dental visit is a routine part of life, however, for kids, especially those who have never been, visiting a dentist seems scary and frightening. So what can you do as parents to help overcome their fears? Below are some tips that can help how to provide comfort to your child and make the visit a pleasant experience.

Talk to Your Child

It is important to discuss your child’s fear and anxiety not only to help him feel better but to understand the root cause of their fear. Maybe a friend shared a frightening experience or the child may have watched something distressing about dentists on television.

When talking about his fear, set a time when it is quiet and you are not distracted so you can concentrate. Let your child know that you recognize his fear and understand it. Share that you have also experienced such fear in that situation too. In this way, you are able to build trust with your child and so he will open up to you. Having a clear understanding of the issue, you’ll be able to deal with the underlying issues.

Talk to the Pediatric Dentist

It will be better if you talk about your child’s fear to his pediatric dentist before the appointment. Most dentists are able to cater to nervous patients by giving some toys or giving extra time beforehand to chat with your little one. Sometimes, it only takes a little preparation to make your child’s visit to the dentist more enjoyable.

Involve Other Family Members

The presence of a sibling or a parent can help comfort your child. As such, it’s better to schedule a dental appointment together with your child to show him that he is not alone. Kids usually like to imitate their older siblings and like to do things with them so allowing your child to watch his sister or brother on the dentist’s chair can provide him the confidence boost that he needs. So when it is his turn to sit in the chair, his sibling can cheer him up.

Be a Role Model

There are many ways to be a good role model for your child. One, you can take your child with you when you go for routine cleaning. Allow him to watch the entire process and explain to your child about the work of a dentist. Show to him that you are relaxed by smiling while you are getting examined. Show to your child that a trip to the dentist is painless. Another way to be a good role model is to practice proper oral hygiene and let your little one see you brushing and flossing every day while helping him engage in his own habits by cleaning his teeth daily.

Your child may not be comfortable to visit his dentist at first, but hopefully with these suggestion, you can ease his anxiety.

Mint Kids Dentistry’s top priority is bringing children and adolescents on the right path to dental health and proper oral hygiene. Dr. Soo Jun believes that early education will prepare kids to a lifetime of optimal dental health. Hence, she educates the importance of routine dental checkups and proper oral care.

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