This is a question, as a Pediatric Dentist, I am asked almost everyday.  As the first baby teeth fall out, and the first permanent teeth come in, parents grow concerned because the new teeth appear to be very yellow or dark.  

I love to get to tell parents the good news.  What they are seeing is an optical illusion.  The new permanent teeth are a normal shade, but they look darker because baby teeth are almost always bright white and opaque in color.  When you see the new teeth next to the bright, white baby teeth, they appear very dark.  Once all the new teeth are in, you’ll see that they are a healthy, light shade.

Of course, sometimes teeth are actually a darker shade than is ideal, but those are few and far between.  If the teeth are a dark shade, they can be lightened later, when all the adult teeth are in the mouth.  There have been great advances in the safety and ease of bleaching teeth, but the teeth have to be mature enough and all erupted to get the best result.

Look for our next blog to be about either: white, metal-free crowns for baby molars (only when a filling cannot save the tooth) or new laser technology that allows for cavity detection without x-rays.