As a just for kids dentist, we can make sure that your child enjoys their dental appointments.  This may sound like a foreign concept, but it is possible!  Children can look forward to and become excited about getting their teeth cleaned and staying in excellent oral health.  It does not happen automatically, though.  It takes effort and a trip to a dentist that enjoys working with children.

Why a trip to our just for kids dentist office can be a fun experience…

We smile a lot.  It may sound cheesy, but we are happy to work here and love our young patients!  Our team is happy, we smile a lot and that makes our patients happy to be here too.  Since we enjoy our work it is easy to get kids excited about coming to the dentist and having their teeth cleaned or cavities filled.  We make it an adventure.
Our office is full of toys.  We have toys for kids of all ages.  There is something here for toddlers and for teens.  Regardless of what your child enjoys, they are bound to be comfortable in our dental office.
Kids can be loud.  As a just for kids dentist, we know that asking young patients to sit still and quiet in the waiting room is akin to asking them to go in “time out”.  Since we want them to be comfortable and happy here, that is the last thing that we want to do – make them feel punished.  When you visit our dental office, feel free to let your kids speak like normal and be themselves.
Our exam rooms are relaxing.  Our kid-friendly dentist office decor does not stop at the door.  We have examination rooms that have been designed to be kid-friendly, warm and happy. 
We will make them laugh.  Our staff can start telling jokes, teasing patients, etc., in order to get them to relax and just have fun.  We keep it light because that does not impact our ability to help teeth but it does make us more personable and our patients more comfortable.
As a parent, we know that you will appreciate the experience your children have at our dental office because it will make your life much easier.  Instead of needing to beg and bribe your children to receive dental care, they will want to come and look forward to having their teeth cleaned.  We will show them how to brush and floss here and encourage them to keep it up at home.  When our patients enjoy their office visits, they are more likely to take our advice and that too can make your home life easier.  Our goal is to partner with you as the parent to help your child to stay in as good of health as possible.  We know that it takes a team approach and we are excited to join with you in this goal.

Call today to schedule an appointment with our just for kids dentist office.  We are confident that you will be happy you did and so will they!