If your child is nervous about visiting the dentist, a sedation dentistry office may help ease worries. Some children are naturally anxious while others have had prior bad experiences at the dentist that cause them to avoid going. Some children are not nervous about dental appointments but have attention disorders or restlessness that can be helped by sedation methods. If your child cannot remain still, has dental phobia, needs oral surgery, or has not visited the dentist lately, you should consider visiting our sedation dentistry office for the smoothest appointment and comfortable visits in the future.

What is anesthesia?

Anesthesia is used in almost every single dentist office. At most offices, it is just administered locally to reduce discomfort during a procedure or treatment. Local anesthesia dulls discomfort in a small area during dental work, like a single tooth and the surrounding tissues. Local anesthesia is not used to cause sedation and can be used with our sedation practices at our sedation dentistry office.

General anesthesia is different from local anesthesia. It is used for surgeries and invasive procedures that require the complete stillness of the patient. General anesthesia is also used for the safety of the patient and can be used in children when needed. It alleviates any chance of discomfort and allows a dentist or doctor to maneuver around the surgical site without any complications or movements.

What is sedation?

Sedation, more accurately called conscious sedation in this situation, is used when a child cannot relax and feels anxious or when a longer appointment time is necessary. For longer treatments, it allows children to be comfortable and sit still for an extended period. Conscious sedation provides a “sleepy” and euphoric feeling that helps patients completely relax while also being able to respond to directions from a dentist. Conscious sedation is commonly used when more than one filling is needed, a child needs a tooth extraction, or a child has special needs.

How is sedation achieved?

Our sedation dentistry offers a few different types of sedation. One of the most utilized options is the inhalation of “laughing gas” or nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide and oxygen are mixed together and administered through a small mask that is placed over your child’s nose. It is safe and does not produce worrisome side effects. It creates a relaxed and content effect.

We also offer conscious sedation through means of oral medication in the form of syrup or pill. These are normally taken 30 minutes to an hour prior to the appointment so that children arrive feeling de-stressed.

In severe anxiety cases, we offer other sedation options that produce more relaxed or sleepy effects. These are normally administered through IV (intravenously). When a child needs an invasive procedure or oral surgery like a root canal, we will provide general anesthesia that puts them into a deep sleep.

If you are looking for ways to take your child to the dentist due to the need for a root canal or an everyday appointment but your child is experiencing stress or anxiety, you should visit a sedation dentistry office for the best outcome.