As the best pediatric dentist around, we offer sedation dentistry to keep your children comfortable during dental procedures.  In our office, we only treat children and we are passionate about their oral health and building a foundation for them to maintain it for a lifetime.  We understand the vital role we play in their future.  If their dental experiences are positive now, they will be more likely to continue visiting the dentist as they grow.  If they are negative, stressful, or even painful, they may begin to develop a fear of visiting the dentist and dental anxiety that will be stressful and unproductive as they become adults.  Our job is, therefore, very important as we set the tone for their future oral health.  With that in mind, we use sedation to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible.

The important role of a positive attitude.

We are the best pediatric dentist for a reason – we pay attention to our young patients.  While we are experts in dental care, we have also learned a lot from our patients.  They have demonstrated time and time again how important a positive attitude can be.  We have learned that when our young patients are relaxed and positive, they are less likely to experience any pain or discomfort where children that are scared, anxious or in a bad mood, tend to feel every little thing – even if it should not hurt.  This is why we work to keep the atmosphere in our office light and positive and encourage parents to participate in helping us to get kids excited about oral health.  When they walk in, happy to be here they are far less likely to need any type of sedation.

The role of sedation dentistry.

There are times where sedation is necessary.  If a child is having cavities treated or a root canal, restoration, etc. the procedure may be longer than normal and more uncomfortable.  Sedation dentistry is ideal in this situation because it allows a child to relax and stay relaxed, even if they are here for a couple of hours.  We can even use it to gently put them to sleep so that the time goes by faster and they do not feel anything.  This goes a long way in ensuring that they continue to have positive feelings about dental care.  Sedation options range from a mild pill or laughing gas that simply helps them feel calm, to sedation that makes them fall asleep and stay that way throughout the procedure.  We offer several solutions in between so that your child can remain comfortable and so that we never over-medicate.

The importance of partnering with parents.

As the best pediatric dentist, we aim to provide your child with the best possible dental care.  However, we also understand that a partnership must exist between parents and us as a provider.  We will make recommendations related to sedation dentistry, but it is ultimately up to you to decide what is best for your child.